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May 8, 2019

When you get “the call”.

We got the call at 11:04am on November 8th. A 7 day old baby needed a safe place to stay. We weren’t supposed to be getting calls, but we got it anyway. I couldn’t imagine us saying no, though, so we said absolutely yes.

Ty left work early, got diapers and formula on his way home, and we sat on the couch nervously waiting for the car to pull in our drive away.

This was actually the third time we said yes. The first placement never came, the second was only in our home for 5 days, and this baby boy stayed in our home for 10.5 months.

That rush that you get after saying yes is nuts. Your heart races. You think of all the ways you’re not ready for them to arrive in your home. Sometimes you have time to grab things, sometimes you don’t have enough time to even pick up the house. But you figure it out, because there are sweet little babes who need a safe place to lay their heads. And so for a few hours, a few weeks, or a few years you love them something fierce. ♥️ 

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