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alexandria hinders

I’m giving women an honest dose of the feels, as they navigate life, faith, and family, helping them find freedom that was made for them.

Do you feel free to fully flourish
… right from where you stand?

I want to help you step into that daily.

Here’s the thing: I don’t have all the answers.

This is our space to connect and find freedom together,
while we navigate life - faith - family - big dreams, and everything in between.

I am so glad you’re here, friend.

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what I'm learning...

Honesty + vulnerability should always win over appearances.

Taking risks + showing up are the secrets to success.

genuinely caring about the growth of others, builds community faster than you can imagine.

God has a plan - even in the mess, even in the hurt, even in the unknown.

I'm Alex!

I’m the owner and creative behind Essentially Alex and Well Styled Essentials.

If you think it’s impossible for someone to care about your dreams as much as you do…
...think again.

My real passion is to help you find + follow yours, 
so you can step into the freedom and abundance God has specifically for you.

I live in a small town in Central Iowa and do everyday life with my sweet hunk of a high school sweetheart, Ty, and our big-eyed pup Nollie.

Along with running multiple businesses, we’ve also stepped into the call of foster parenting, and it’s simultaneously been the most heart-growing + heart-wrenching thing we’ve ever done. We’re so grateful to get to care for the sweet kiddos that might grace our home at any given time.

I have a fierce heart for Jesus, and love connecting with others who do, too.

I save up my budget money for Starbucks, and that “first sip feeling” is just so good every single time.

I hope we can become friends, but I’ll call you “friend” anyway, so you might as well give in to it and let it happen.

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