… but you’re not really sure what more means for you?

Have you ever felt like you were made for more...

Maybe you’re scared that “this is it”.

That your big dreams belong to someone else.

That the “abundance” God has for you is really just “good”, not “great” because it doesn’t measure up to what you see in everyone else.

I was exactly where you are just a few years ago.

I was heading in the direction I thought would get me to that “dream life.”

But, in all reality? It only had pieces of what God had in store for me.

It was part of my story, but it wasn’t the story.

I began my photography business on accident, in an effort to save money.

We knew we wanted a photo booth for our wedding, but we thought we’d just build it ourselves, and I bought a DSLR camera to learn how to use in manual mode.

In the middle of my determination to learn, Tyler’s brother was getting married and needed a photographer. I know. Classic photography genesis story.

So, I volunteered as tribute, and photographed his wedding.

Friends, I knew absolutely nothing, but I knew taking this leap would help my soon-to-be brother-in-law out, so I didn’t give it a second thought.

I practiced and did as many shoots as possible before their wedding, and so began my photography career. And, funny story, we ended up hiring a photo booth for our wedding, in the end.

how it all started...

After a season of crazy stress and overwhelm, I decided to order a kit of essential oils. None of my friends had really tried it before, but I figured, if this can make me feel better, I might as well try.

Once again, I volunteered as tribute to give it a try, be the guinea pig, and I’m so glad I did.

Friends, a starter kit was no small expense for me at the time, but for some reason, I was overcome with curiosity instead of fear and hesitation, and I just went for it. After peppermint oil gave me so much relief (literally #sobasic), I was sold. After a few months of sharing here and there, I decided to call this what it was:
I was running a new business.

It wasn’t a side hustle + it wasn’t a hobby. When I finally started focusing my energy on genuinely sharing my experience with others, things took off simply because I showed up, I understood social media, and I knew how to take great pictures.

Now I help others do the same through Well Styled Essentials.

years later...

It wasn’t just my goals that were shifting. It was my heart, too. Tyler and I started to feel a push and a call to step into becoming foster parents.

To be honest, we drug our feet on this calling for quite awhile, even though we felt like it was really clear. We finally decided to stop ignoring what we knew in our hearts was our next step.

Our first step was doing the work to get licensed, but we eventually accepted our very first placement the same month I was able to retire from wedding photography. 

God was making space when we weren’t sure we’d have enough. Foster care has stretched us in ways I never imagined possible. It’s pushed me to rely on Jesus in everyday life. 

It’s been the hardest thing we’ve ever done, but the BEST YES we’ve ever given.

I’m so thankful to look back at the last few years in my business. I had NO CLUE what God was doing. Now I can see He was making space for me to serve + do my favorite things for work, while also making room in our hearts and schedules to love the kiddos who come in and out of our home. It’s a total honor.

Around the same time

Yours, too?

I’m here to tell you, friend:
You’re exactly where you need to be.
You’re exactly who you need to be.
It’s time to start dreaming again, even if it looks different than it did before.

Honestly, sometimes my journey feels fractured + aimless.


He has shown me crazy blessings and moved and changed my heart. He has renewed me when I was alone in a desert and sinking in the mud. He has been alongside me in all my moments. I owe everything I am and everything I dream to be to Jesus.


Marriage is hard work, sacrificial, & life-altering. It’s romantic. It’s an adventure. And amongst all the changes that happen in each other’s lives and hearts, are the day to day journeys that join to create a shared life together.


There once was a time that I thought you had to choose between being a mom and being a successful business owner. I’m so so glad it’s not true. It’s been stressful. It’s been hard work. But wow, I’m so grateful for the gift of motherhood.


A fun little hobby/project that turned into a passion. A brightly burning, soul-filling, I-kind-of-want-to-cry-just-thinking-about-it passion.  It's been a wild 8  years, and I am so grateful I bought that little Canon Rebel XS.


Ty + I set a goal on our honeymoon to create a new adventure each year. Instead of buying material gifts for each other, we would put that money towards new experiences and seeing places neither of us have visited before.

Essential Oils

As in oils found in plants that are used to heal and protect these plants within their environments. Humans can use them to keep our bodies well. We have overhauled our health thanks to these babies, and we are forever grateful. 


The passions of wellness and photography that I have, have led to other passions. Passions like being futuristic. Dreaming big. Being innovative. Passions like teaching and leading others to do the same.

Vanilla Lattes

I save up my budget money for Starbucks. A grande, decaf (yep, caffeine makes my heart race in not a good way) 2 pump vanilla latte with oat milk, please. ;)  That “first sip feeling” is just so good every single time. 

more joy!


things in life that bring me joy

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