It’s not just about   looking healthy.

It’s about...
feeling healthy
breathing in wellness
ditching the
surface-level solutions.

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Do you feel like everyone has some health secret?

But you’re a little skeptical about which ones are… real?
Do you feel overwhelmed with options + underwhelmed 
with the reliability of all the solutions out there?
Do you feel…
Sick of being sick?

So, tell me - how do you really feel right now?

...some of the most dangerous things that affect our health are what we willingly expose ourselves to on the daily.

What if tiny swaps (in teeny bottles) could help you and your family take back your wellness, instead of fighting illness?

Young Living has none of the scary chemicals that are commonly found in everyday products - from beauty to cleaning to even the things we eat, daily.

They’re an essential oil company, but also a fully-equipped natural product company complete with supplements, beauty products, household cleaning products, kids + baby specific products, pet products, and even makeup.

Did you know all of that stuff could be making you sick, or keeping you from your best healthy life? Young Living makes it easy to ditch the products you’re using, and switch it with something with your wellness in mind.

young living makes it easy.

in today's world...

essential oils...

are the aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from plants. The oil can be obtained from the roots, seeds, shrub, flowers, leaves and trees.

essential oils...

...are actually the immune system of a plant?
And they work perfectly to support the human body, too.

essential oils...

...were mankind's first means of wellness and are in fact mentioned ALL throughout Scripture.

essential oils...

...fragrances work on the limbic system in the brain where emotions are stored and can help relax and clear the mind as well as release emotional trauma.

essential oils...

...can reach every cell in your body within 20 minutes when applied topically to the body, eliminate toxins in your body, regenerate DNA, and pass the “blood-brain” barrier.

essential oils...

...transport nutrients to starving human cells, act as powerful antioxidants, increase atmospheric oxygen, remove toxins in the air, and increase ozone + negative ions

Did you know?

Here’s how it works.

step one

Choose your starter kit, and be sure to click the box below, reading, “Use the selected Premium Starter Kit as my first Essential Rewards order and sign me up for an Essential Rewards subscription.” This will get you a free product & $10 back to Young Living. 
Make sure 2065203 is entered for your enroller and sponsor.

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step two

Something often times people don't realize when purchasing Young Living oils for the first time, is when you do so you are joining a "team". Doing your research on who you are grabbing your kit from is SO very important! Our team, The Well Gathering, is the most supportive community. Seriously, friend, our team is the total best.

Join the sweetest community.

step three

Once your kit arrives, there's no doubt you will fall in love. Once you do, be sure tell all your friends, and earn your money back, pronto.  There's never any pressure to start a business with Young Living, but there is the opportunity and we make it as easy as possible for you to learn how to do so if you're interested! 

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the premium starter kit

This kit is perfect to get started on your oily journey, and exactly what you need to have in your wellness arsenal. It includes 12 of the most popular essential oils, a diffuser, (which acts as your natural air freshener, your home purifier, your wellness supporter, and your emotions calmer) Thieves Spray, Thieves Hand Sanitizer, NingXia Red, and literature.

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the thieves starter kit

Switching your household cleaning products over to the Thieves line is the perfect way to ditch the toxins and switch it with something that will not only cleanse and purify your home, but support your wellness at the same time. This kit includes a 15ml Thieves Oil, 2 bottles of concentrated household cleaner, 2 foaming hand soaps, 2 small travel sprays, 2 hand purifiers, 1 mouthwash, 1 toothpaste, a 5ml bottle of Stress Away and other samples/goodies.

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the ningxia starter kit

Ningxia Red is one of the most popular and important supplements for everyone to be taking on a regular basis. The NingXia Red Starter Kit will have you stocked up with your daily antioxidant drink, and put you on the right track of a great new life of wellness for yourself and everyone in your family. The kit includes two 750ml bottles of NingXia, one box of 30 single 2oz packets of NingXia, 1 box of NingXia Nitro, one 5ml bottle of Stress Away, plus other samples and goodies.

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the cbd starter kit

CBD primarily interacts with your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) regulates processes in the body such as appetite, pain, mood, memory, peripheral nervous system, and more. This kit includes a cbd “calm” roll-on, cbd muscle & joint cream, and cbd citrus flavored oil. All are infused with YL essential oils.

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Now, more than ever, am I so thankful we said that "yes" 4 years ago. It has made life easier, I know what I’m bringing into our home is safe, and I am able to help my little family support our bodies to function at its best. The only thing I regret, is not saying that "yes" sooner

 I’m so mad at myself for taking so long to hop on board! These oils & all of the YL products we love have allowed us to feel so much better about what we’re putting in our bodies. AND through getting me my kit, you’ve given me a little (huge) oily family that is so kind, supportive, encouraging, & generous!!!

The oils have been the biggest blessing in a journey I didn't even know I was getting started on. I am so grateful for your friendship, leadership, support and encouragement on this oily business journey as well!

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Questions & Answers

you ask. I answer.

how long do essential oils last?

The 5ml bottles each have 85-100 drops. The 15ml bottles each have 250-300 drops. Each bottle comes with directions on the label with the correct amount of drops to use per application.

Do they really work as well as everyone says?

Yes! I mean it when I say that my entire life has changed because of oils. We are healthier and living more toxin-free lives, and walking in better emotional health than ever before. I am so, so grateful.

are there other options for getting started?

While YL is an essential oil company, they're also a fully-equipped natural product company complete with supplements, beauty products, household cleaning products, makeup and more.

when is the last time you felt free to dream?

Oils can bring you freedom in more than just health - and I want to show you how

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