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January 25, 2018

The Ollie Swaddle

Hi friends!! I’m so pumped to be back with this unintentional series on momma must haves!!! 😉 We’ve been learning so much about what we love for babes in this season, so I’m sharing all about it 😛

Our very first Ollie Swaddle came last week compliments of  The Ollie World and I am SMITTEN already. The packaging is to DIE for, the material of the swaddle is the SOFTEST & are you ready for this!??! It was created by a fellow foster momma for her foster babe at the time ???????????? Be still my heart. For real, go read the story behind this swaddle. I think it’s the sweetest and coolest thing EVER and I just love finding glimpses of foster care in my search for products as a momma.

But okay, back to the swaddle. Swaddling for sleep has been a MUST since day one for us. If you haven’t ever researched swaddling, here’s the scoop. Basically, it helps babies stay calm in their sleep state. It mimics the feeling of being in the womb, and even helps babies learn to self soothe decrease their irritability and fussiness. Which in turn, obviously means longer periods of a calm, alert state when awake in which your little one is able to take in their surroundings, and form healthy attachments. Just like we feel amazing after a good nights’ rest, so does your babe.

Some things to note about what makes The Ollie Swaddle different from the ones we quickly ran out to Target to buy:

  • Their custom designed moisture-wicking fabric reduces the risk of overheating. Your little one will be warm and cozy without sacrificing their safety.
  • Since the bottom is open, additional pressure isn’t put on your little ones hips. One concern in the medical community with swaddling has been that a tight swaddle constricts the hips and affects proper hip development. However, the Ollie Swaddle’s design ensures that the swaddle is snug but not constrictive around the hips. A bonus to this design is that diaper changes are super easy via opening at the bottom.
  • The Velcro tabs allow the fit to be individualized, meeting the needs and size of baby. You don’t have to buy multiple swaddles to fit your growing little one or worry about them growing out of their favorite wrap. These tabs also ensure that the swaddle stays secure and your little one can’t wiggle out or loosen it up.

HOLLA! No more running to buy new sizes after growth spurts. No more wrestling to get it back on after diaper changes! SOLD!

If you want to grab one (or ten) for yourself, here’s a link for 10% off the entire site.
(This is a referral link, so I get a small kick back if you use it!!!)

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