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February 1, 2018

The Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit

They’re here! The new Savvy Minerals PSKs are available for both new members and existing members!! Yep, that means that we can order 1 of each color of the Savvy Minerals PSKs. I’M SO EXCITED! Okay. Taking a breath. 😉

There are 4 different color options for the Savvy Minerals PSKs. You can choose between:
Cool No. 2, Warm No. 2, Dark No. 1, and Dark No. 4.

Each Savvy Minerals PSK comes with the Foundation you choose and the following that come with that color choice:
1 blush
3 eyeshadows
1 lip gloss
The Misting Spray
a foundation brush
5-ml bottle of Lavender!

This is such a great way to introduce makeup that doesn’t have all the crap in it in that traditional cosmetics have, and start off with one of the most amazing oils out there in Lavender!
Talk about a great introduction to the world of essential oils and Young Living for someone new too!

The cost is $150.00 and is SUCH a good deal!!! I can’t wait to start talking about makeup more on this space! I’m no expert, but I love me some toxin-free goodness 😉 
Click this link to learn more about why we love Savvy, and what comes in the kit!!

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