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January 20, 2018

The Dock A Tot

We are finally getting in the swing of things around here in the Hinders home. Life has been CRAZY, to say the least, but we’re figuring it out. Learning what works, and what doesn’t work. And one of those things that works– the Dock A Tot!

A brand new edition to our must-have lineup, and something I didn’t even know I needed honestly. I had seen all my momma friends post about their  DockaTots on Instagram, but I figured we were set with the, rock and play, MULTIPLE swings, boppy lounger, and extra changing pad we were using for play time. But y’all. Since it arrived on our doorstep (in its beautifully branded box I might add) we’ve been using it all day every day!

Mommas or non-mommas,  if you have a baby or know anyone who has a baby or at some point in your life may have a baby, let me catch you up on what it is, and why we are loving it–

The Dockatot was designed in Sweden and handmade in Europe, and is now becoming very popular in the States. And in simple terms it’s basically a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger. It has an amazing egg-shape that fits cozily around your babe, making them feel safe and secure as they play and sleep. They are easy to move and can be used almost anywhere. And I know you mommas know that having a consistent sleeping environment for children will make a world of difference when traveling. The DockATot is tested for breathability, OEKO-TEX certified, and natural, 100% cotton. And they come in 2 sizes (Deluxe for 0-8 Months, Grand 9-36 months) and the Grand is amazing for transitioning toddlers to a big kid bed and helping them feel safe and familiar.

As I was researching I came across a fellow foster mom’s quote about just the NAME, DockATot, and immediately knew, I needed one. She said, “We love the reasoning behind the name DockATot, which refers to creating a safe harbor for babies as they sleep. This analogy means a lot to us because we feel that in many ways we are doing the same thing as foster parents: creating a safe and secure place for babies to grow and thrive,” ???? SOLD!

We’ve personally only been using it for play time and lounging, but it’s so much fun to see how calm it makes little man as soon as he’s put in it. Mommas, if you have a registry this is something I’d be adding.  I’m so pumped we have one now to use on day one for any future kiddos that come in our home.

If you want to grab one, I’ve got a $10 off coupon for you right here!!!
(This is a referral link, so I get a small kick back if you use it!!!)

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