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February 10, 2020

The Brand New Welcome Home Kit

Welcome to get started with Essential Oils, but not sure where to start? Young Living just launched a brand new starter kit that is available all of February. This kit has everything you need to infuse their homes and their lives with the power of pure essential oils!!!

The Welcome Home Starter Kit includes:

• 8 Essential oils:
5ml Frankincense – skin and nervous tension
5 ml Lavender – relaxation, sleep, and all things skin
5 ml Peppermint – head tension, focus, and all things tummy
5 ml Valor – bravery, alignment, muscles, and sleep
15 ml Grapefruit – weight management, skin toning, uplifting
15 ml Lemon – cleaning, nighttime skin care, energizing, detoxifying
15 ml Lime – freshening and inspiring
15 ml Tangerine – calming, morning skin care, boosted focus

• Wooden Vitality oil rack (with an awesome Vitality Oil Conversion Chart engraved on the back!)
• Young Living Lifestyle booklet

This kit includes some of our most popular oils, and is the only kit that includes multiple 15ml oils. Dreamy smells, supported skin, restful sleep. A simple solution to get you started on this journey.

Follow the link above and click “other starter kits” to choose this option. Once you’ve checked out, you’ll receive a FREE DIFFUSER from me with.

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