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Our Master Bathroom Refresh



We spent the first few weekends of the new year remodeling our 70’s master bath, and we are FINALLY FINISHED!

Although we ran into a few issues and had to change a few details & figure out some solutions in the process, I think we have come a long way from the pink counters, pink walls, and yellow + pink floors ๐Ÿ˜ Enjoy some before photos to really get the feel of how far this little room has come.

Our goal for this bathroom was to update it without spending a ton of money. As much as I wish we could make it work, this won’t be our forever home, so we wanted to make it fresh and inviting without breaking the bank.

This bathroom is connected to our bedroom, but isn’t just a master. It’s also connected to the main hall on our main floor and is the only bathroom upstairs. We want it to fit the theme of the rest of our home, but still have a touch of “fun” about it.

I based the entire design around the floors that I had fallen in love with. We chose to use Floorpops by Wallpops which are an affordable peel and stick flooring product. I’ve read really great reviews about how these tiles hold up, so we figured it would be worth a shot to try! The vinyl is actually very thick and the adhesive seems to be well-applied. I have high hopes that it will last a while, and for about $40 for the entire floor + a design that I love, I don’t know we could NOT try it.

We had already painted our walls Reserved White in 2018, and thankfully I still love the color, so we just spruced up the old vanity with fresh white paint, replaced the counters (cultured marble), sinks (part of the countertop!) & faucets (thank you amazon), added hardware, replaced the light fixture, added shelves above the toilet and replaced the mirror. ๐Ÿ™Œ

I’ll link everything we used at the end! We are in love. It took a couple weekends to complete, but if we could have had uninterrupted work time, it would have taken less!

LINKS (some are affiliate links!) //

Mirror (we repainted ours to match the vanity)
Shower Curtain
Shower Curtain Rod
Light Fixture
Floor Register Cover

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