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December 12, 2019

Creating holiday traditions with your family

It’s officially my favorite season ever and Christmas is only 13 days away. I’ve been thinking a lot about the holiday traditions Ty and I have created, so I thought I would write a post about it!

There’s something so magical about the traditions that families create around the holidays. Whether it’s going a Christmas tree farm to choose your Christmas tree, decorating the house, cooking a certain meal, or just spending time together- creating those traditions and spending time with your family is such a beautiful and special thing.

Every year, Tyler and I go to a Christmas Tree farm with our best friends and pick out our Christmas tree. We end the evening with pizza and this experience creates such special memories for us every year. Because Val is also a photographer, we always exchange photos to remember it.

The great thing about traditions is that they can be anything you want them to be! It can be something popular that a lot of families do, or it can be something that is totally yours and unique to your family. It is totally up to you.

One of the reasons I love holiday traditions is because they create a culture of valuing experiences over things. Gift giving is so much fun, but it’s not all that the holidays are about. Creating special memories and spending time with the people you love, doing things that you love, serving others, that’s where the memories are made.

We are always looking for new holiday traditions to try, so I rounded up a list of some of our favorites!

New Holiday Tradition Ideas:

1. Pick out a Christmas tree together
2. Build Gingerbread houses as a family
3. Make holiday crafts as a family 
4. Decorate the Christmas tree and house together
5. Bake your favorite cookies and have a cookie exchange 
6. Make and deliver gifts to your neighbors
7. Do random acts of service together 
8. Watch your favorite Christmas movies 
9. Read the story of Christmas as a family 
10. Take Christmas photos
11. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
12. Go to a holiday parade
13. Go sledding/ice-skating 
14. Watch the local ballet perform The Nutcracker
15. Read a new Christmas book every night before bed

I could seriously go on and on! I love the holidays and I love creating special traditions! What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

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