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December 19, 2019

Oils of Ancient Scripture

Happy Thursday, friends!

With Christmas just a few days away, I wanted to highlight The Oils of Ancient Scripture collection in a blog post for you guys! This kit really is an incredible kit of oils to have anytime, but especially around the holidays.

The oils it includes are:
Sacred Sandalwood

Let’s break down what each of these oils are good for!

Sacred Sandalwood: made from fragrant sandalwood and known for offering wonderful skin benefits. Nicodemus gave as a gift to Jesus (John 19:39)

Cassia: a key ingredient in the incense used during temple worship. (Psalms 45:8)

Cedarwood: made from ‘cedars of Lebanon’ and known for its durability. Cedarwood creates a relaxing and comfortable environment and supports healthy sleep. It was also used to build Solomon’s famous temple (1 Kings 4:33)

Cypress: made from Cypress trees, an extremely durable wood. It promotes a sense of security and grounding. The doors of Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica are made of Cypress wood and show no sign of decay after 1,200 years. (Isaiah 44:14)

Frankincense: Frankincense resin was given as a gift to baby Jesus by one of the three wise men. It is known for enhancing spiritual and meditative practices and it can help maintain healthy skin. The Hebrew word for Frankincense, Levonah is used in The Bible 22 times.

Hyssop: in biblical times, it was used in practices and rituals to purify and cleanse. It is also known for enhancing creativity and meditation. (Psalms 51:7)

Myrrh: this was one of the key ingredients in Moses’ holy anointing oil and it was highly regarded by Biblical figures, like David and Solomon. It is well known in the cosmetics industry for it’s skin support properties and grounding aroma. (Proverbs 7:17)

Myrtle: Myrtle branches were often used in biblical ceremonies. It translates as ‘feast of tabernacles’. Myrtle is also a very invigorating oil. It opens up your airways and is refreshing to breathe in when you need respiratory support. It also promotes healthy skin. (Nehemiah 8:15)

Onycha: this was an ingredient in the ‘pure and holy’ perfume the Lord commanded Moses to make. It was also common to use it for skin wounds in biblical times. (Exodus 30:34)

Cistus (Rose of Sharon): has a sweet, honey-like scent and is from the flower referred to as the Rose of Sharon. It is also very grounding and uplifting and can be used for emotional balance. (Song of Solomon 2:1)

If you’re a Young Living member, you can order the Oils of Ancient Scripture collection through your account.

If you’re not a Young Living member, click here for information on how to get started!

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