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December 12, 2018

Our Marriage

Though neither of us would ever wish to walk through the pain that we’ve walked through for the last 3 months, we are so freaking thankful for the growth that has come from it.

We’ve both learned so much about compassion. Ty has lead me so well in what it looks like to show grace to someone daily; even when they don’t really deserve that grace. To not be so easily offended if the other person is having a hard day and says something that wasn’t 100% nice out of that. He has been such a beautiful example of Jesus.

We tried to think of the last time we fought during counseling last week and we couldn’t think of anything other than when we play Overcooked together and someone doesn’t make the order right. 😂

In this season, our marriage could also easily be a struggle, but instead we are growing. We are falling more and more in love and we are figuring out how to love well; even in pain.

Thank you Jesus for the gift that that is. ♥️

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