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December 3, 2018

Take the photo

I’ve been going through the thousands of photos we took in the last year (still… because it’s so dang hard) and I’ve never been more thankful than I am for my husband.

He took so many images. Of me, of the babe, of me + the babe, of all three of us. He didn’t care if I “looked good” for the photo, or if the moment was picturesque, or if the lighting was just right… he just documented on his little iPhone 6s.

And I’ve never been more grateful because as I go through images, they bring me right back to the moment that it was captured. I remember exactly what we were doing, how it felt, and I couldn’t care less about how I looked.

Just take the dang photo, friends. And take more than you think you’d ever need because time is a thief and I promise you’ll never regret having the memories captured.

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