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July 29, 2017


We’ve had a couple people ask if they should do Banff & how much a trip like that would cost, so I wanted to break some things down for y’all. I plan on blogging our entire trip, but for now, here are the ins and outs of how much we spent on our trip. (this post contains affiliate links, and I’ve clearly marked which links that applies to!!!)

First up, if you’re wanting to see Banff in the same state we saw it, you HAVE to go late June – August. The lakes are frozen until then. This also means you’re fighting globs of people, but it’s worth it!

Next, let’s talk about the costs.

The flight: 

We got the flights free because of the Delta Platinum Sky Miles Card.

We love love love flying Southwest, but we also love free flights, so we’re not picky 

With this card you can get 70k bonus miles for spending $4,000.00 within the first 4 months of snagging it. That was enough points for a trip to Calgary for both of us (It’s even enough some European cities for TWO of you!!)

You can sign up here: http://refer.amex.us/AHGD8U?xl=cp01-142

(*This is a referral link for me, but even if I didn’t get anything, I’d tell you to sign up for this card. Just be responsible and don’t sign up unless you KNOW you’re able to pay off the $4,000.00 otherwise you’ll be paying MORE for interest than you would for a flight.)

The car: 

We use Priceline always for car rentals. We’re not loyal to a certain brand, and we’re all about saving money. We also always decline insurance and use a credit card that will cover your rental when you pay with it.

We rented a standard sized car for the week for $262

The accommodations: 

AirBnB. I’ll always sing praises for AirBnB! I’ve done a few posts about why I’m obsessed with it. Here’s one if you want to read it:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10211074890526447&set=a.2893998627335.2135268.1181370083&type=3&theater

We rented an entire house for this trip, and it cost us $324.00 for the week. SUCH a great deal y’all.

I have a referral code that will get you $40.00 off too  https://www.airbnb.com/c/alexandriah438

The extras: 

We did Starbucks every day ????‍♀️But I do that anyway ???? This is normally where we got our breakfast too.

We went grocery shopping our first day and bought as many snacks as we could… This ended up being our lunch daily, actually. And it worked out really well. Probably not the healthiest lunches, but hey, we were on vacation 

We ate out for dinner daily. I wish we could say we cooked in the house we rented, but we didn’t We usually ended up splitting meals as well. The best place we at was at Eddie’s Burger Bar in Banff. If you go, you need to hit this place up.

Park passes are FREE in 2017!!!! HOLLA!

Canoeing on Lake Louise. DO IT. It was over $100 CAD but the experience was amazing. This is something you probably COULD live without, but OMG you guys. It was gorgeous.

The hikes, and the beautiful lakes are free! (Well unless you go next year, then you’ll need to pay for a park pass!)

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