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November 14, 2019

Amazon Roundup For The New Oiler

HOORAY! You FINALLY took the plunge and you grabbed your kit of essential oils. (If you’re here and you haven’t taken that step yet, before you go any further click here and follow the steps to change that!)

As you wait for your oils to arrive, you might be wondering what in the world you need to make sure your oily journey gets started on the right foot. I’ve put together a roundup of my favorite Amazon finds for the new oiler. Everything on this roundup will get you the exact accessories/tools you need to get started with using your oils as soon as they arrive on your doorstep.

Glassware //
Large glass spray bottles: To use for thieves cleaner.

Smaller glass spray bottles : To use for pillow spray, bug spray, “monster spray,” Mermaid Hair spray, etc.

Perfume sprayers: To use for your DIY perfume

Witch Hazel: To use for mixing your sprays, perfumes etc. It will help mix the water + oils!

Roller Bottles: To use for your favorite Roller Recipes. (I like to keep our recipes at less than 40 drops of oil + top the rest with carrier)

4oz Jars : To use for creams, muscle rubs, chest rubs, etc. (We create these with whipped coconut oil!)

Carrier Oils //
To learn more about carrier oils, check out this post!

Coconut oil | Grapeseed Oil | Vitamin E | Variety Pack of Other Carriers

Literature //
Essential Oil Pocket Reference Guide : THIS IS SO NEEDED. If you can’t get anything else, get this. This book will break down what each oil is used for + there’s a section on “ailments” which then breaks down what oils can be used for whatever you’re searching for. This is a must-have!

Gentle Babies : If you’re a mama and you’re wondering about what is safe or how to dilute for littles, etc. get this book.

Oil & Glass : A book that is filled with recipes for everything you can think of!

Other Accessories //
An extra diffuser : I love me some YL diffusers but this little guy does a great job in a bedroom, the kitchen or somewhere else you want a second diffuser!)

Clear storage rack for tabletop / shelves : We have these nail polish racks in a cabinet and that is where we store all of our “back ups”!

Clear, acrylic storage rack for wall : We have these as our “display” where we keep one of each oil YL makes to use & smell when needed!

Oil Case : For travel or storage of your oils

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