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So, you didn’t hit your goal…



Okay, friend Have you ever set a goal for yourself and then not hit it? Then you know what I’m talking about! It can be a really hard when this happens. The good news is, we aren’t alone in this! This is something that all entrepreneurs experience, so today I want to chat about goals, how to set them, and what we can do when we don’t hit them.

First, let’s talk about the importance of setting goals. Our goals serve as a roadmap for our business. They give us direction, tell us where to go, and help us to stay focused. I love this quote from Brian Tracy: “Living without clear goals is like driving in a thick fog. No matter how powerful and well engineered your car, you drive slowly, hesitantly, making little progress on the smoothest road.”

Setting goals helps us to focus our energy on the things we need to spend our time on. Being intentional, productive, creating results, etc. all begin with one thing- setting goals. Our goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. They should challenge us and give us something to work toward.

As entrepreneurs, I think that we feel like we have to hit every single goal we set and if we don’t, we are a failure. But that just isn’t true. The truth is, it is normal to not hit a goal from time to time. It doesn’t mean we are a failure, it just means we need to make some adjustments! Running a business is a constant process of trial and error and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Friends, I want you to know that if you didn’t hit a goal recently, you aren’t alone!

So what do you do when you don’t hit a goal and the discouragement sets in? Let’s talk about that.

1. Take a healthy break.

After working hard toward a goal and not hitting it like we thought we would, it is important that we give ourselves space to process things. It can be really hard to miss a goal and can feel really discouraging! It doesn’t mean we need to quit, but taking a healthy break is one of the best things we can do. Give your mind a rest and take a little step back. If you feel discouraged, validate those feelings. Acknowledge that you are taking a healthy break for yourself and that your work isn’t going anywhere. Do something for yourself. Go to the spa, sleep in, go to a yoga class, read a book, take a nap. Just take some time to REST and do something that is healthy for YOU!

2. Evaluate what worked and what didn’t.

After you take a healthy break, you can come back to your business! Before you jump back in, take some time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t. Being an entrepreneur means there is going to be a lot of trial and error. We have to take a hard look at our business and figure out what is and isn’t working so that we can use our time wisely and stay intentional!

Here’s what I suggest: grab a notebook and pen and list out all the things you were doing to reach your goal. Were you posting daily Instagram stories? Sending out an email newsletter? Teaching? Write down everything you can think of. Then, write down HOW those things were working for you. Were your Instagram stories bringing in customers? Were your email newsletters effective? Out of all the things you were doing, what was working and what wasn’t? If something you did worked, great! You can continue to incorporate that in your business because it was giving you the results you desired. However, if something didn’t work, it either needs some tweaking or it needs to be tossed out. Evaluate and ask yourself why it didn’t give you the results you wanted. Is it something that can be fixed or should just do away with it?

3. Stop Comparing!

When we don’t hit a goal, it can be really easy to look at others’ highlight reels and accomplishments and feel discouraged. Remember, it is totally okay to get inspiration from others, but don’t compare yourselves to them! First, remember that we only see another person’s highlight reels. People usually don’t share the behind the scenes of when they don’t hit a goal or everything they did to get there. Second, remind yourself that no two journeys will look the same. If someone hits their goal before you, that does not diminish your worth or greatness! Your journey is your own and it is unique. Look to others for inspiration, but don’t allow yourself to go to that place of comparison because it does not serve you or your business!

4. Find someone to link arms with.

This is one of the most valuable things you can do for your business! Sometimes being an entrepreneur can feel lonely, but we need other people to run with. We need community! Find an entrepreneur friend who you share some common interests with. Maybe you have the same type of business or you work in similar niches. Confide in them, brainstorm with them, run with them! Bounce ideas back and forth, get excited together, have a coffee date, see what happens!

5. Begin again!

Look at how far you’ve come since you didn’t hit your goal! You took a healthy break, evaluated your business, and you are at a point of excitement in your business again! Now you can move forward with a new plan and new goals. Look at your list of the things that were working and the things that weren’t working. You’re throwing out the things that didn’t work, so focus on the things that did work and think about anything new you can implement. Create a new goal with a new timeline to work toward and break that down into all the tasks you want to do. Remember, your goal should follow the SMART guidelines. It should be: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely!

You’ve got this friend! Time to start fresh and crush your new goals!

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