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February 17, 2019

Costa Rica – Part One

When we were in the middle of our unknown season with little man, we always talked about how if he ended up leaving, we’d have to get away. It took us a while, but we finally decided on Costa Rica. I’m so excited to share our adventure with y’all. Because I couldn’t narrow down the images, I’m splitting this post up. 🙈

We chose CR for a couple different reasons, but the main reasons were that it is warm, it’s international and we wanted an international adventure and that Southwest flies there. Because we have the companion pass and miles, our flight was free. 🙌 After searching for flights, we decided to fly into San Jose because the times were better than Liberia.

We debated on what we wanted lodging to look like, but we ultimately settled on booking a luxurious AirBnB. I’m SO thankful we went this route. After researching, we decided we wanted our trip to be filled with hiking to waterfalls, vs. beaches so we chose a central-ish location to the waterfalls we wanted to see, which ended up with us having to travel 3 hours to our AirBnB. I’m not 100% sure if the better flight times to San Jose were worth the 3 hours of driving to our lodging, but we rolled with it.

A common question I’ve gotten is did we rent a car, and the answer is yes! Everything we read said we needed to get a 4×4 vehicle, so we did! It ended up costing us about $170.00, but gas is pretty pricey there. Here’s a blog I found helpful when researching renting a car in CR!

Because we splurged on the AirBnB, we forced ourselves to stick around “home” more than we usually do on vacations. The home we stayed in was insane, so it didn’t make it too hard to stick around. It was SOOOO stunning. And that pool!? DEAD!

If you’ve never booked an AirBnB before, here’s why we love traveling this way:

1. it feels so much more home-like, because you’re literally staying in someone’s home! We usually choose to book the “entire place” meaning no one is living there, but you can also just book one room in someone’s home. So cool!

2. Because it’s someone’s home, you can cook! It’s so nice to not have to eat out for every meal.

3. It’s usually a better bang for your buck. We would have NEVER gotten what we got from our money in a hotel.

If you’re interested, here’s my link that will get you $40 off your first stay with AirBnB! You’ll fall in love, promise!

After you use that link to get $40 off, here’s the direct link to the place that we stayed. I got SO many questions about this, but wanted to wait to include it all in a blog post. The owner has it listed for sale, so I’m not sure how much longer it will be available, so get a trip in while you can!!!

Stay tuned for a peek at alllll our adventures!

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