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February 18, 2019

Costa Rica – Part Two

Our first day in CR was spent at our gorgeous home, swimming and lounging. Our second day in Costa Rica was FILLED with adventure.

You can view part one, and learn all about why we chose Costa Rica for our vacation destination in December and where we stayed, here. 

We started day two with breakfast/smoothies/coffee at a cute little place called Cafe Macadamia. The view was AMAZING, the smoothie was so tasty and Ty found a new favorite breakfast. (We’d end up coming here pretty much every day of our trip!)

Then we headed out to Tenorio Volcano National Park to see the Rio Celeste river & waterfall. The route we chose had a stretch of TERRIBLE gravel, complete with twists and turns. Now, when you rent a vehicle in CR, it’s not like the US. You don’t get a brand new, fancy SUV. You get an old SUV with old tires.  A recipe that caused our tire to blow in the middle of a busy highway and there were no shoulders to pull off on 🙃 Ty killed it though, changing that thing in the intense heat, cutting his hand on the wires that stuck out from the tire, and never once complained. Love that man. 

We (including me, the person who has exercised like 5 times in her life) hiked about 4 miles up and down the side of a mountain to see the Rio Celeste river & waterfall, because the views are always worth it. (and yes the river is that blue 😱) I had read that if it had been raining recently the trail would be thick mud and you’d want to have hiking boots. I didn’t bring hiking boots, so I was grateful that since it hadn’t rained in a couple days, the trail was pretty dry. The hike to the Rio Celeste is moderately difficult if you go the entire length of the trail, which we did 😂 BUT the first section leading to the waterfall is a lot easier! The only thing that was harder about the first part was the 250ish steps down to the base of the waterfall & back up. Admission was $12/person.

I’d probably hike 10 miles and walk down 1000 stairs to see this beauty. 😭

Oh, and during our hike, we saw TONS of these animals that looked like a mix between an anteater and a monkey so we stopped and took photos and videos…. turns out they’re our equivalent of a racoon 😂

We ended our day with grabbing some pizza from a local restaurant that was SO good. We don’t know any spanish, the server knew like no English, but we got our pizza and enjoy reminiscing about the crazy day we had.

Our third day and fourth days in Costa Rica were pretty chill and spent at “home” (which was needed after the crazy adventure we had on day 2).

On Saturday, we drove 1.5 hours to La Fortuna to get another spare tire for our rental car since we used ours the day before. While we were there, we got lunch & coffee in town and then made the trek back to spend the afternoon at the AirBnB. We swam and then we spent the evening watching the sunset out of the panoramic windows while sitting on the couch 😍

On Sunday (day 4) we got up, had breakfast, and watched our church’s live stream service. We watched movies, took a nap, swam, and just hung out. I also got in a couple hours of work while sitting by the pool and watching the sunset while Ty watched football. Oh, and I think this was the day we also learned about a gecko that lived in the home. They make crazy noises, but don’t worry, they’re harmless and they eat the bugs so they’re also helpful 😂

I posted this on Facebook as I worked, and I wanted to share here too to end part two.

“7 years ago I bought a camera to make a DIY photo booth for our wedding. (that never actually happened 😂)

I never would have guessed that that purchase would propel me to where I am today. In paradise, poolside, taking a small break of vacationing to get a little work done while Ty watches football.

That little camera is what lead to starting a photography business which then lead to a Young Living business a few years later. I first fell in love with my camera + documenting stories which lead me to find a photographer friend who started using these things called oils that I fell in love with too. I started sharing that love with the world, and I started teaching and providing every resource I could think of to friends who want to do this thing too. And though my full-time job has shifted to Young Living and I’ve upgraded that camera a couple times, everything about photography makes my soul come alive.

How freaking blessed am I to be able to do what I love anywhere I want. Little ol’ me. 😭

Wow. Thank you Jesus for the gifts you have given me, and for the reminders in hard seasons of the good gifts you give your children.”

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