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January 5, 2018

The ART System

Okay guys, my goal here is to always be 100% real with y’all. One of the main reasons I fell in love with YL is because what it did for my face!

I switched my routine right away to washing with lemon sandalwood bar soap daily, and using my glowy skin mix! And it has worked wonders on my acne prone skin, until recently ???? (hi stress!) I have a couple spots with stubborn acne that has popped up within the past couple months and since it hasn’t gotten better I’ve decided to try a new system (even though its so scary to change something you know has worked ????????)

So this past couple weeks I’ve been testing out the ART system!
First of all, have you checked out the oils in this!? Frank. Royal Hawaiian sandalwood. And Melissa. Just to name a few ????????????

My face feels INSANE right now after using it + the toner + moisturizer for the past two weeks. Like so soft and CLEAN!!!

I will keep y’all updated on how this goes. 3 years in and I’m still trying new things and figuring out what works best for my body and I still plan on taking y’all along for the ride ????

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