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February 10, 2017

Some thoughts on MLMs…

Let’s talk about something, shall we? I get that this is the internet, and for some reason we think we can say what ever we want on the internet, forgetting that what we say reaches people. Real people. People who have feelings.

I’ve seen a couple posts recently about multilevel marketing / network marketing / direct sales that, while maybe were posted with “good intentions” or “light-heartedly”, I thought needed some clarification (and just a good ol’ reminder to be kind๐Ÿ˜‰ )

For some reason MLMs have gotten a bad name. Maybe a bad experience with a distributor. Maybe you haven’t actually had ANY experience but you know your mom doesn’t like them so you don’t either. What ever the case, I thought we should talk about some myths and facts.

Myth 1: MLMs are pyramid schemes and illegal.

Truth: Nope. The shape of an organization does not determine legality. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If it did, all businesses and organizations, including the government would be illegal because all have a pyramid structure.

Myth 2: Only the guy at the top makes money, and that’s because they got in early.

Truth: Okay, so that was two myths in one. But neither are true. (And if we want to be REAL honest here, this argument more accurately describes a corporate world job ๐Ÿ˜‰ I mean, how often does a minimum wage worker become the CEO?)
What I make isn’t determined by what the person I signed up with makes, and that goes for the rest of my team. There are people who “out rank” people above them all the time. This business isn’t dependent on the guy at the top. It’s dependent on YOU and the amount of work you put it. That’s it. And the whole they got in early part? I started this business with YL 20 years in. So yep, definitely didn’t get in early.

Myth 3: Network marketing doesnโ€™t work, it’s all a scam.

Truth: According to the Direct Selling Association, in 2015 the direct sales industry, grossed $36.12 billion in retail sales in the United States. Further, over 20 million people in the U.S. are involved in direct sales. These numbers indicate that network marketing CAN work. Success or failure has less to do with network marketing itself, and instead (as I said before) is determined by the amount effort you put into your business. Instead of paying millions of dollars in ads, Young Living pays out millions of dollars to their distributors. Before you knock something and write it off as a scam, why not just think about the actual business model? It makes TONS of sense, and it’s incredible because it’s giving SO many families FREEDOM. I don’t know what’s better than that.

To my dear non-MLM friends, I love you. I’m SO sorry if you’ve had a bad experience with MLMs, but PLEASE don’t forget to be kind. Don’t forget that these are mommas, teachers, nurses and plain ol’ FRIENDS who are building businesses. They’re working hard. They’re KILLIN’ it. And even if you can’t support their business financially, your words will support them more than you could ever imagine. <3

To my dear MLM friends, I just want to tell you all that you’re amazing. I’m sorry if you’ve experienced nay-sayers, but you do you girl. You keep on building that empire of yours ????

(Myth v. Fact info inspired by Balance.com)

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