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Quick Tips For Planning + Batching Content



It’s important to learn how to show up – consistently – to connect with people where they’re hanging out when you’re build a business on social media. But, MAN… it’s time consuming right!? One of the most simple things I’ve found to help with time management on social media is to batch plan your content!!
Here are some simple tips to hep you do so:

  1. Grab a notebook & pen and jot down ideas and inspiration. One of the best ways to batch plan relevant and engaging content is to pull inspiration from monthly themes and holidays. This will jumpstart your creativity and help you to easily fill in the gaps in your content calendar

2. Gather props and products for snapping photos. Posting about your business? Gather your laptop, a diffuser, etc. for some flat lay shots + lifestyle shots.

3. Snap multiple photos of products to give yourself options.

Let’s say you set up a desk scene. The shots you could get out of this include:

-An overall shot of your desk setup

– a flat lay of your desk items

-A shot of your diffuser diffusing on your desk with the rest of the desk not in focus.

-Your hands resting on the keyboard

-You sitting at your desk and working

– You adding oils to your diffuser at your desk

– You taking a photo with your iphone of your desk setup (Someone else will have to take this with a phone or camera)

-You writing down your goals at your desk (with the focus on your hands or notebook)

-You working with your kiddo on your lap

And I could keep going 😉 One setup with a BUNCH of different image options.

4. Edit photos using the same preset to keep feed cohesive

5. Create captions

6. Schedule out content in an app like Planoly or Later

You might not use every single image you got! That’s okay, keep them handy for planning in future months!!!

Now you just put it all together and you have a month of content planned 👏

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