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August 15, 2019

The Young Living Difference

Have you ever wondered why in the world someone would choose to buy Young Living Essential Oils over the oils you can get at the grocery store?!

I am asked this question over and over again, and the short answer is quality. Sure you could get them from the grocery store, from Amazon, etc. but there’s a reason why you’re paying so much less, and it all boils down to quality.

Let me just tell you a little bit about Young Living & their products.

Young Living has a seed to seal guarantee and promise. The company abides by very strict guidelines to fulfill the promise to send pure products to your home.

Their farms and partner farms abide by strict standards.

They select the strongest seeds from strong thriving plants. 

They hand-weed and use their own oils on plants for pest control to avoid the use of toxic chemicals.

They harvest at peak times to ensure quality oils. 

They distill on site without chemicals.

They test every batch. If it doesn’t meet standards because of weather conditions or for any other reason, they do not bottle it up. 

All of these factors make a huge difference in quality and effectiveness!

You can check out more about their Seed to Seal promise at www.seedtoseal.com

I have had the opportunity to check out their farms, THREE TIMES to be exact!! Just last month I was at their Mona farm and it never ceases to blow me away.

I got to plant a cute little Clary Sage plant. A plant that will become part of a bottle of Clary Sage that sits in my home with hundreds of other oils that we use daily to support ourselves.

I have gotten to walk around and see their greenhouses, to watch workers pulling weeds, to see the distillation process. 

If I’m in Hawaii, I can call the farm up and do the same thing there. In France? Yep. How amazing is that!?

This right here is why I’ll choose Young Living over and over again. Because as a gatekeeper of my home, I want to make sure the things we are putting on our bodies actually help us, not harm us. I’m so very grateful for Young Living.

To learn more about getting started on your own journey with Young Living, click here.

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