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March 14, 2019

Our Valentine’s Day 2019

15 years ago we went on a Valentine’s Day date to the Southern Hills mall to watch Big Fish. We held hands. We walked around the mall and Ty bought me a heart shaped necklace with a diamond in it from Helzberg.

15 years later for Valentine’s Day we went on a day date for sushi and Yaki Soba. We went to Target and took a nap after lunch and Ty cooked steak for dinner. We were going to announce our pregnancy on Valentine’s Day. I should have been just about 12 weeks along and I was so looking forward to celebrating that baby with the world.

We’ve walked through a lot of life together. And we are currently walking through immense loss and suffering together. There’s no one else in the world who feels the exact same pain as I do. And though it’s not what most people say they’re thankful for on their Valentines posts, I am. I hate that we are in the midst of all the hurt, but I’m thankful we are in it together.

I pray for a redemption story during the season ahead of us. And while we wait for that redemption, I pray that we learn even more about patience, about trust, about compassion, about solely relying on Him, about loving each other well. ♥️

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