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September 30, 2018

One Year Ago

A year ago we had two sweet girls with us. They were only with us for 5 days, they pushed us way out of our comfort zone and they left with little warning.

I don’t remember why we were on the floor for this photo. I don’t remember a ton from those five days, but I do remember the fear and the emotions and the exhaustion. Ours and theirs.

We learned last month that they were home with their momma again. Something that doesn’t seem to happen too often with foster care, though it’s always the goal. I’m so thankful their family was restored and I’m so thankful they were in our lives for those five days. If we wouldn’t have said yes to them, we wouldn’t have met the removal worker who insisted on calling us specifically for little man and we would have missed those last 10 months we had with him. Isn’t it crazy what a yes can do 😭♥️

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