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June 7, 2017

Thanks to Young Living…

I wanted to highlight all of our “thanks to YL” moments from the past two years right here mostly for myself to look back on, but also for y’all who’ve been following our journey.

Thanks to Young Living….

1. We’ve formed life long friendships with so many incredible people.

2. We have been more exposed to the need for adoption and foster care, and have set out on a journey to foster.

3. We were rewarded an entire premier aroma collection, a years supply of Ningxia, an iPad mini, a TOOOOONNNN of thieves cleaning products, and even more free oils monthly.

4. We’ve been gifted 3 all expenses paid trips including a trip to Utah, a cruise to Honduras and Belize, and a trip to Spokane Washington that we will defer until next year.

5. We’ve also been able to travel more and more because of financial freedom. Places like Mexico, Florida, California, & Canada just to name a few.

6. Speaking of financial freedom, I have surpassed my income that I was making as a wedding photographer monthly, and will retire from wedding photography this year.

7. We’ve been able to pay for a car for Tyler , in cash, when his unexpectedly died.

8. We’ve been able to give more than we ever have to our church, and to our friends who are in the missions field.

9. We paid off all of Tyler’s student loans and are now working on mine!

10. We’ve been to the Dr. like one time for things we used to go in for VERY often.

11. We’ve kicked out a LOT of toxins from our home, and a whole new world of clean living has been opened for us.

12. We bought our very first home this month.

I could go on and on you guys.


What an insane blessing this journey has been and will continue to be.

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