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July 25, 2016

Psalm 62:8

This isn’t an long, amazing post necessarily, but rather a post that I hope can encourage at least one of my friends here.
Psalm 62:8 was one of the verses that was a part of my devotional today.
It’s so funny that I ever doubt Gods timing in my life.
Because after a day of opening some heavy things that I have kept in a box buried as far down as they would go, this is exactly the verse I needed to read. God is teaching me so much about His love in this season of life, and so I wanted to come here to tell you all that you are SO loved and SO cherished.
Maybe one day I will share that story, as encouragement for those who have experienced the same thing. Maybe after the emotional exhaustion has lifted. But for now, I will cling to this verse, and I
will pray, that for who ever is reading that is in the midst of any pain, trials, or just not-ideal-circumstances that you’re in or you’re feeling, is that you would cling to Him, and His perfect love.
Because as much as those lies that pop in your head want you to believe that He’s not there, He is, and those are just that; lies. He is right beside you feeling the pain and sorrow that you’re feeling, and saying “Come, find your rest in Me.”

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