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July 28, 2016

Time & Life Savers for Business

13235196_10208341554074744_5825954686215603486_oI want to make one post for you all to let you in on everything I do to keep my life on track. What programs I utilize for my businesses. To keep my sanity, to make things look pretty, and to basically make sure things are running smoothly. I will share links to each program that has been a life changer for me, and most of them are affiliate links, so if you decide to pay monthly, you’re helping me out 🙂 Just wanting to be completely candid!
1. Pic-tap-go (for iPhone). I use this program for photo editing on the go!!

2. Over. I use this for making super pretty graphics. I use photoshop most of the time, but if I’m on the go, I pull up Over. It’s a life saver!! I DO pay for the subscription and 100% think it’s worth it!

3. An essential oils reference app. I use this daily. It’s super easy and totally worth the investment!

4. Planoly. (I posted about this yesterday!) I use this for scheduling out my Instagram posts. It allows me to see if something looks good in my feed before I post it as well. Instagram is a huge time sucker for me, so setting aside 1 hour to get all my posts ready to go for the week allows me to do other things in my business that are more important. You can sign up for a free trial here: http://bit.ly/Planoly

5. Trello. This is an organizing board, I utilize it for my to-do lists. I have one for each business, and I use it for my workflow for each business as well.
So for oils, that means I have a checklist for every new person that joins our team that I can just duplicate each time someone grabs their premium starter kit! So that way I don’t miss adding them to groups, sending their gifts etc.

It is free! But you can pay for Trello Gold which allows WAY MORE customization, and you can make it look so pretty! I’m all about pretty 😉
Check it out here:

6. CINCHSHARE!!! Oh my gosh you guys. If it wasn’t for this program, we probably would never have online classes. It allows me to schedule out my posts for classes, in groups and even on my wall.

If you’re juggling other jobs, then you’re going to want to look into investing in this. It is 10/month, but the fact that you can schedule in events and in groups makes it TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

If you’re serious about wanting to post more consistently, I highly recommend getting CinchShare, sitting down at the beginning of each week and then rocking out a bunch of posts at a time. Then you just get to go on living life like normal!!!

7. TaxBot!!! You get a 50% discount if you’re with Young Living. It automatically tracks Mileage (HUGE FOR ME!) it links to your bank account so that you can just go right into the program and categorize each purchase.
With that, I HIGHLY recommend scheduling a day each month (or each quarter, whatever you need) to spend only doing tax stuff. It will save you lots of headache and honestly lots of time if you just schedule out one day a month! (if you’re a part of YL, send me a message and I will send you the link for the discount!)

8. OilyTools!!! If you have any interest in the biz side of YL, get this app! If you don’t you it’s still fun to have for in stock and out of stock product notifications!!!

What questions do you have?! Is there a specific part of your life that you need a little streamlining on?! I really love figuring out how to streamline, so I am here to help!”

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