grab your kit?

ready to

1. Click RIGHT HERE to enroll.

2. Choose “Member” - there are NO STRINGS ATTACHED to this whatsoever. No monthly requirement, and you never, ever have to sell a thing. As a member, you will get a 24% discount for the rest of the year on any additional oil purchases. The number that should be entered as enroller and sponsor is 2065203.

3. Select your Premium Starter Kit! If we've talked about a custom kit, then choose basic kit and add on additional products to create your kit next. 

4. The best thing to do is select your PSK, and then click the box below, reading, “Use the selected Premium Starter Kit as my first Essential Rewards order and sign me up for an Essential Rewards subscription. When you do it this way, you'll get a free product and $10 back from YL in ER points (store credit🙌🏻).

ER is the best way to start swapping out stuff you're already buying with healthier options. When signing up for ER, you’re signing up to order monthly and get points back for doing so! If you find yourself wanting to order more products, which I know you will, I will help you customize your order for next month. With ER, you’ll make 10% back for your first three months on the program and then it goes up to 20% and eventually 25%! You’ll want to stay on the program for a couple months in order to redeem your points! If you don’t need anything next month, that’s totally fine, just cancel it in two seconds with YL, but keep your freebie.

5. Add any additional oils or products that you might like in addition to your kit to save shipping costs. (some favorites are Deep Relief, Breathe Again, Peace & Calming, Thieves Cleaner, Cedarwood, and Release!)

6. Fill out all the needed info. Create a username, password, and pin. Write these down so you have easy access to the site again.

7. Confirm your enrollment information (you should see my name as your enroller and sponsor)

8. Check out, double check you got all the way to the confirmation page, and wait for that nice FedEx man to bring all of your goodies! Then make sure you send me an email letting me know you're all set so that I can get a welcome packet in the mail and get you added to our Facebook Communities.