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June 24, 2019

Well Styled Essentials

Hooray! It has officially been (almost) two months since I launched Well Styled Essentials. Throughout the last two months new images & content have been added, hundreds of people have joined, and my heart is so full. If you haven’t read about this new venture of mine that I launched last month, let me tell you a quick back story!

With a passion for small businesses, and a heart for education, it had been a dream of mine for years to provide my friends who were building Young Living businesses online a tool to make growing a successful and profitable online business, EASIER.

A tool that would help them curate images that get their followers to slow their scroll and pay attention to what they’re saying. A tool that will help them create engaging content that builds trust with their followers. A tool that will leave them feeling prepared rather than scrambling for what to post to build their business. A tool that gives back the precious time they tend to lose while they try to figure out this whole social media thing. A tool that gives them more freedom.

So I launched Well Styled Essentials.

If you’re building a Young Living business on social media, this tool is for you friend. When you sign up for Well Styled Essentials you get access to:

  • Hundreds of lifestyle stock images
  • Graphics
  • Content planning calendars
  • Daily social media prompts
  • Mobile presets
  • Educational E-guides
  • YL branded images will also be available to subscribers as a free bonus

Be sure to check out Well Styled Essentials and get subscribed today! There’s a bunch of new content that is coming out in July (and each month after that) and I cannot wait to link arms with you and cheer you on as you build your Young Living Business!

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