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August 12, 2018

Thieves Cleaner & Dish Soap for Blowouts

Moms, I’m coming here to tell you that if you’re not using thieves cleaner + dish soap on blowouts you’re making life too hard.

Even on those blowouts that you forgot to rinse out for several hours…that covered the whole back 😬🙈

I didn’t do that today of course… I’d never forget to clean up a blowout! But let’s say I did just for fun…all I would have to do is spray with my premixed all-purpose cleaner, and rinse! And then when it’s still stained because I forgot to clean it up… errr I mean it was just a really tough stain… break out the heavy duty stuff (undiluted cleaner + a dab of dish soap) and your babes clothes will look as good as new!! 👏👏

Plant based goodness for the WIN!

(I’ll spare you the poop photo but here’s the onesie after!)

You can learn more about Young Living products & why I’m obsessed with them here.

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