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April 15, 2018

My Skin is Flourishing…

In high school, I said yes to what ever people recommended to try to clear up my skin and continued to do so through college until I got fed up with how the things I had been trying effected my body.

And then YL entered into the picture about a year later and I started experimenting with things to support my skin. It felt weird using oils on skin that was already oily, but my skin FLOURISHED. I now have completely overhauled every single thing I’m using in my beauty routine to be YL products.

Face wash, toner, moisturizer, lotion, spot treatments, and MAKEUP… they’re all from YL. Right now my current routine consists of taking Sulfurzyme (an amazing supplement for skin and hair) using the Art Line for washing, toning and moisturizing, Savvy Minerals makeup (because it’s free from gross things and is amazing) and alternating between some of my most loved skin-nourishing oils like Frank, Manuka, Lavender, Tea Tree, Purification, Blue Tansy and Neroli 😍

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