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January 16, 2015

What Camera Should I Buy?

Iowa PhotographerI’m excited to start a new series specifically geared to photographers! Lately, I’ve been getting asked the same question over and over, so I was inspired to start this new blog series with everything. So today, I am answering the question I get most, “What camera do you recommend I buy?” It’s always such a tough question to answer! I always answer the same way, with another question 😉 DSLR or Point and Shoot? A DSLR is probably not for you if you’re wanting something small, easy to use, and budget friendly. A DLSR is great because you have the ability to manually control the camera, switch lenses, and take high-quality images.

If you’ve decided you are ready to invest in a DSLR, your next question to ask yourself is what brand. The age old question, “Nikon or Canon” (There are also many other brands of DSLRs that you can look into as well, but today I’m sticking with these two.)
I shoot Nikon, but believe it or not, I started out on Canon. I think both are great, and like anything there are pros and cons to both. I won’t go into debating which one is better; I will leave that up to you to decide.
If you decide to go with Nikon, the camera I would recommend you look into investing is the Nikon D5300.


(When searching for cameras, I love reading Ken Rockwell’s reviews, and using Snapsort.com to compare!) When I switched to Nikon I first invested in the D5100. The D5300 is essentially the same camera, just new and improved. Some awesome things about this camera are…

  • 24 MP
  • 3.2 inch LCD screen that flips out!
  • It has 1080p video capabilities
  • 39 focus points

It is a big investment, at 700.00. A great, more cost-effective model would be the Nikon D3300. (You can compare the two cameras for yourself here )

If you decide to go with Canon, the camera I would recommend investing in is a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 .



Some awesome things about this camera are…

  •  17.9 MP
  • 3 inch LCD touch-screen
  • 1080p Video capabilities
  • 9 focus points

I hope this helps some of you decide what camera to invest in!


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