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July 12, 2017

We Hired an Assistant!!!

I made a super freaking exciting announcement in my oily group today, and my heart feels like it may burst so I figured I should make it here too. 

I just hired an assistant. A dear friend of mine, who loves organization, systems, spreadsheets, and literally everything else that I loathe. (If you are into color personalities, she’s like 65% green, I’m like 4%, so you know this is a match made in Heaven  )

I would have never thought that when I grabbed a kit of oils to help stay healthy, soothe some muscles, and calm some emotions that I’d build a business out of it. Let alone a business that would eventually become my full time job & require some help.

But here we are. She is going to change things for our business. I’m so dang thankful, and she hasn’t even officially started yet. So blessed, and so thankful.

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